Dancing in the Storm

We live under the same sun and at a certain time we experience variety of weather conditions; bright-to-clearer sky, windy-to-cloudy, raining-to-storming, and quake-to-tsunami e.g. All conditions will pass by. The point is “Can anyone dance in the storm?”

EMOTIONAL COURAGE, the way people can get through the negativity during crisis.


WHY do we need to recognize that we are in fear, sadness, and even anger when we’re struggle in crisis and therefore we should prepare for EMOTIONAL COURAGE to face the situation and go through it?

“Forget Everything And Run” or “Face Everything And Rise” The choice is yours. by Zig Ziglar.

E – EVERYONE faces difficulties in life somehow. You’re not alone If you live long enough. Start with FEAR, and then it turns out to be sadness or anger e.g.

M – the MOMENT of now is the grief. As you feel it right now! It drags you down deeper and deeper like the law of gravity.

O – OVERCOMING the negative emotions is not that simple. As it varies by situation and it also depends on mental toughness by individual.

T – TEST of life is not temporary, but it’s permanent. It tests you on and off, it comes and goes. The point is it is not under your control.

I – INTERNAL pain always comes out, even we are holding on to it. Your subconscious mind still focuses on thing that you are aware not to pay attention to, however it tends to create internal representations (images, sounds, and feelings e.g.) and these draw the pain from inner-self and it’s hard to stop it once it’s there.

WHAT do we need to know about the keys to EMOTIONAL COURAGE in order to get through the situation with our awareness of feelings?

O – OPENNESS to the situation that actually exists. Don’t hide, and well acknowledge the facts. There is no such a bad thing that lasts forever, and the same truth applies to all the good thing conceived in life. Take a moment to absorb information by seeing, hearing, and perhaps feeling e.g.

N – NOTICING of your feelings and be aware of it. As long as you consciously know how negatively you’re feeling? or what triggers you to feel negatively? Feelings tell you so much information but do not tell you direction. Thus please don’t let emotions lead you down or to run away from the situation or the community.

A – AGILITY of emotions is the key. Be quick enough to turnaround from here to there or the other way around. In this case, by using your mental ability to pause, maybe 3-5 seconds, immediately preserve just one key positive learning. By doing this, your mind won’t allow your negative feelings to keep on. We gain agility by practicing, the more you do, the more resilient you become. The beauty of life can come in place whenever you want it and you can control the rhythm like you are “dancing in the storm”.

L – “LIFE’s beauty is inseparable from it’s fragility.” quoted by Susan David. it’s such a beautifully truthful fact of life with best self explanation.

HOW can we apply the EMOTIONAL COURAGE in your life? Let take an example from existing real issue we all faced during COVID-19 pandemic, where most countries announce the “Lock-down” policy as to limit and lower down the severely high rate of infections and death tolls. Yes! it was the right decision overall and there were also huge consequences impacting to a lot of people. Some of businesses required employee to work from home, some businesses need to be maintained just for survival. The self-employed cannot make a living due to the immediate slow-down of economy. Personal and family financials becomes painful almost everywhere. While feeding the hungers is more of necessity than preventing themselves from corona-virus.

“I am impacted from 50% salary cut for 6 months at least.”

“I have been told by my employer I need to be laid off due to business close-down.”

“I have no enough saving, I need day-to-day income to feed my family members, and there are not many jobs available for me now.”

“My hotel business has been totally impacted, There are over a hundred of people I need to look after, what I’m gonna do to heal my business and my people?”

C – CURIOUS about the situation.

O – OPEN to the fear, sadness, or anger.

Curious to the situation and open to the emotions.

U – U (You) are in charge of your own emotions.

You are in charge of your own emotions.

R – READY to be agile.

A – ACCEPT and preserve learning.

Be agile, accept and preserve learning.

G – GET through it day-in and day-out.

E – EMBRACE the fragility.

Get through daily life by embracing the fragility.

Acknowledgement: the key messages from this post inspired by Susan David, Ph.D, #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller, The Emotional Agility.

In summary, we live in the world where a crisis may unexpectedly come to impact our lives. We cannot always be proactive about handling the situation. And one truth has proven that nothing would last forever either good and bad circumstance. Emotional courage is a simple but magical value within us using to cope with any crisis that we are facing. CURIOUS TO THE SITUATION AND OPEN TO THE EMOTIONS. YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR OWN EMOTIONS. BE AGILE, ACCEPT AND PRESERVE LEARNING. GET THROUGH DAILY LIFE BY EMBRACING THE FRAGILITY.

“We’re not born to be COURAGE, but can be trained to be.”


Cheers, Hia Nops. Certified NLP Trainer & Business Coach.